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making BARGOED dementia friendly 

We have selected three areas of focus for our work in keeping with PAS 1365: Code of practice for the recognition of dementia-friendly communities.

The three plan areas submitted for the application were:

     •      businesses and shops

     •      children, young people and students

     •      community, voluntary, faith groups and organisations

We also recognise that we will concentrate as appropriate on the others in the coming period, especially arts, culture, leisure and recreation.

            Businesses and Shops

We aim to enable as many businesses and shops as possible in the Bargoed area to be dementia friendly, so this reduces barriers for people with dementia to engaging with the community and supports them to live well.


Managers or owners will become champions or friends as appropriate. We already have some businesses and shops signed up as part of the Steering Group, e.g., Morrison’s and Iceland.


  • We will specifically look at cafes, hairdressers, and taxis amongst others to be become dementia friendly.

  • Staff will become Dementia Friends by attending information sessions. These will be tailored appropriately to suit the business.

  • The businesses will learn some key messages about dementia and will commit to turning understanding into practical action. This will help business and their staff understand dementia and how it may affect customers or employees.

  • Once completed, we will issue dementia friendly businesses certificates, shops will display a dementia friendly recognition window sticker and be involved in activities as appropriate.


            Children, Young People and Students

Nearly a third of young people know someone living with dementia, often a grandparent but increasingly a parent. We want young people in the Bargoed area to become far more aware of dementia and understand it so that they can act and help create a dementia-friendly generation.

We aim to make all schools (primary and secondary) in the Bargoed area to be dementia friendly; several schools are already signed up and pupils in those have been involved in delivering information sessions to fellow pupils.


  • Once completed, schools will display dementia friendly recognition window sticker in school and on their websites and be involved in wider community activities as appropriate.

  • We will work with youth services, youth clubs, cubs and scouts etc. to ensure that young people outside schools are able to become champions or become Dementia Friends.

  • We will work with local sports groups and other community organisations with young people.

  • Awareness sessions will be tailored appropriately for ages and groups. We will use existing and develop resources and activities. For example, Petra Publishing worked with local community groups to write children’s stories, released the book The Elephant who Forgot in 2015. They did a school tour giving a copy of the book to every six and seven-year-old across the five council areas in Gwent, including Caerphilly County Borough where Bargoed is located.

  • A key member of the Bargoed DFC Steering Group is a Young People’s Champion and will lead on this part of our plan.

            Community, Voluntary, Faith Groups and Organisations


Community centres and organisations are key to supporting wellbeing in the area. Ensuring these centres are dementia friendly, and that staff and volunteers have a greater awareness and understanding of dementia will be vital in supporting people with dementia, their families, and carers to live well.



  • Our ambition is for every Community Centre and as many community organisations in the Bargoed area to be Dementia Friendly

  • We already have members of key community centres on the steering group some of whom are champions.

  • We will encourage and support community centres to make activities dementia friendly and to put on as appropriate dementia support activities. Several centres already do this in the area, and we will build on that as a basis.

  • Some of our Churches already run Dementia Cafes and we will encourage them for example to get involved with the ‘old jewellery’ appeal and make twiddle mats and muffs.

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